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What Happens if a Spouse Loses a Job after a Divorce Settlement?

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The Divorce is Final – What Now?

Many newly divorced individuals experience a let-down or depression following their divorce. Even if they handled their emotions well during the process, they are now faced with starting new and they are no longer focused on the process of divorce. Things are final and now they must rebuild and move forward, which can be just Read the Rest…

How Nanny Cams and Tracking Devices Can Benefit Your Side of the Divorce Proceedings

Often in divorce proceedings, parents are concerned about the care of their children. They know it may not be in their child’s best interest to spend time with the other parent or a care giver, but they are unsure how to prove this to the court. Your soon-to-be-ex might be on his or her best behavior Read the Rest…

Initial Questions to Ask Your Attorney and Your Spouse’s Attorney

  Once you find a divorce attorney and begin divorce proceedings, there are several questions you should ask during the initial meeting. These questions help you and your attorney “get on the same page” and determine how to proceed with the legal end to your marriage.   What questions are important to present to your Read the Rest…

When and What to Tell Your Children about Your Separation

Sharing the news of your marital separation with your children is likely one of the most difficult things you will ever do. As a parent, you want to protect your children from emotional trauma and loss, but if your marriage is not working, it could harm your children more than ending it and creating a Read the Rest…