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Discovering Hidden Assets and Hidden Income Attorney


Discovering Hidden Assets in New York Divorces

In some high income divorces, there may be a suspicion that one spouse is not reporting all of his or her assets, or income. Attorney Anthony J. LoPresti discovers hidden marital assets.

Contact Anthony J. LoPresti law firm to locate hidden assets and income or for marital asset protection. Call (516) 739-2020 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Put Our Team of Investigators to Work for You

We will draw upon a skilled network of professionals, including forensic accountants, private investigators and skip tracers, all dedicated to uncovering the true assets of your marriage. We will complete a comprehensive investigation using tax forms and banks account information, and complete due diligence in finding a spouse’s hidden assets during divorce.

Types of Hidden Assets

In recovering hidden assets, we first identify any fraudulent information, such as failure to display all income on tax returns, hidden business earnings or falsified standard of living statements. There are many ways that spouses can hide assets or income, for example:

  • An owner of a cash business does not report all of the income from the business.
  • A business owner considers personal expenses as “fringe benefits” (meals, entertainment, travel) and charges them to the business.
  • Assets or income is transferred to others or sent abroad.
  • Assets or income is already spent.

Whether you are trying to uncover your ex’s hidden assets or protect your own marital assets, Anthony J. LoPresti will analyze your case and let you know how to proceed.

Call an experienced lawyer in Garden City at (516) 739-2020 or e-mail us for legal advice regarding your marital assets.