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You Go Your Separate Ways — What About the Children?

When two people decide to go their separate ways and children are involved, it can be a highly emotional situation. At the Anthony J. LoPrestu law  firm, we strive to create positive custody and visitation plans that are in the children’s best interest and are also convenient for you as a parent. We work with the parents, psychologists and other professionals to determine who is most suitable to act as the proper legal custodian of the children after a divorce.

Contact a knowledgeable lawyer for assistance with child custody and visitation in the New York and Long Island area. We can arrange a schedule that works for you and your children. Call us at (516) 739-2020 or e-mail us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Novel Custody & Visitation Arrangements

We look for novel approaches to child custody arrangements that work for both parents. If joint legal custody is the best option, both of you will make decisions regarding the child’s well being.

Sometimes one custodial parent is chosen. In this instance, if you are a noncustodial parent, we can help you obtain more parenting time. We can also assist you in resolving custody disputes and child support issues, bringing you and your ex-spouse to a common ground.

Can You Work Together?

Over more than two decades of practicing family law, our team has learned that usually parents are better served through working together and resolving issues themselves. If you cannot agree, your child custody and visitation case will be left up to a judge, giving you little say in the final court-mandated arrangements.

If you need assistance coming to an amicable agreement, or legal representation in a dispute over child custody, contact attorney Anthony LoPresti at our Garden City law office at (516) 739-2020.