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What Equitable Distribution Really Means

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Coming to a Fair Maintenance Agreement in New York State

The goal of a fair maintenance agreement is to ensure the supported spouse is able to maintain his or her current lifestyle following the divorce. When a couple divorces, one spouse is often responsible for contributing to the financial well-being of the other spouse. Many states refer to these payments as alimony, but in New Read the Rest…

Regarding Child Support in a Divorce

What You as a Parent Need to Consider Regarding Child Support in a Divorce, Regardless of which Side You are On If you are a parent involved in divorce proceedings, there are several things you must consider regarding child support. Whether you are seeking support or anticipate an order to pay support, you need to Read the Rest…

How to Evaluate Your Assets and those of a Business Regarding Divorce or Separations

Your assets are an important component of your divorce. You must be aware of the value of your assets and how best to protect them during the proceedings. You and your lawyer will evaluate this value and determine how to proceed before providing information to your spouse‚Äôs legal team. There are also ways to protect Read the Rest…