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What to Expect during the Divorce Process

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Understanding New York State’s Grounds for Divorce

New York has traditionally been a conservative state regarding divorce laws. It was not until 2010 the state legalized access to no-fault divorce. Until 1966, the only way a divorce was granted in the state was if a spouse committed adultery. Divorce laws in the state are becoming more liberal, but still have a way Read the Rest…

How to Evaluate Your Assets and those of a Business Regarding Divorce or Separations

Your assets are an important component of your divorce. You must be aware of the value of your assets and how best to protect them during the proceedings. You and your lawyer will evaluate this value and determine how to proceed before providing information to your spouse’s legal team. There are also ways to protect Read the Rest…

Addressing the Needs of the “Child” in Child Custody

Unfortunately, divorce proceedings do not only affect soon-to-be-ex spouses. Children are, perhaps, the biggest victims when it comes to divorce. If you are considering divorce and child custody is an issue, you must address the needs of your children throughout the process. Consider the following: Child Safety You must do what is necessary to protect Read the Rest…

Temporary Maintenance in New York State

In October 2010, a temporary maintenance statute was enacted in New York State for non-monied spouses which set forth a formula utilizing the parties income. The issues in setting forth the calculation is problematic as it requires the courts to consider factors that may only be established after a full trial and extensive discovery. Despite these Read the Rest…