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2014 Changes in New York State Divorce Laws

2014 ushered in several changes to laws in New York State regarding divorce, custody, and maintenance issues. These changes pertaining to family law are primarily intended to support families that are transitioning from marriage to divorce and ensure that the monetary guidelines related to support keep up with the changing financial times. In one of Read the Rest…

Why You Want to Treat Your Children Well during the Divorce Process

The process of divorce is difficult for everyone, but perhaps nobody in the family is as affected by the transition as your children. Children are innocent bystanders in divorce and are at risk for lifelong consequences if the transition is rocky. Luckily, in most cases, when you treat your children well during the divorce process, Read the Rest…

Talking with Friends and Family about Your Separation – What to Say and When to Say It

Separating from your spouse is difficult, but it can be even more so without the support of family and friends. Unfortunately, because spouses often share friendships, things can get dicey. Explaining your decision to separate to the people in your life can be uncomfortable and awkward. If you are in the midst of a separation Read the Rest…

What Happens if a Spouse Loses a Job after a Divorce Settlement?

Divorce settlements are intended to be final, but sometimes life interferes with an existing arrangement. Just as things change when you are married, changes can occur when you are divorced. For instance, if you or your spouse loses their job or there is a significant change in income for any reason, it is possible to Read the Rest…

The Divorce is Final – What Now?

Many newly divorced individuals experience a let-down or depression following their divorce. Even if they handled their emotions well during the process, they are now faced with starting new and they are no longer focused on the process of divorce. Things are final and now they must rebuild and move forward, which can be just Read the Rest…

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